Adverse weather closure advice

The decision to close the school is only made in extreme circumstances. Should the decision have to be made we will contact parents to arrange collection of children or use school transport.
Mrs Dalrymple will liaise with the drivers who in turn can begin to inform their families to prepare for an early collection.
Simultaneously, we will send out the message via emails, message on the school website and text message. We will also contact the PTA facebook administrator to post a message.
It is helpful if people can pass on the message of closure to minimise the number of calls we have to make.
We must have confirmed collection arrangements before children will be put onto school transport. If there is no response from any of the contact numbers we have available then we will keep the child at school. Alternatively, if it is near the end of the school day, the drivers will take responsibility for delivering the children home and wait until a known adult is there to collect the child.