Vision and Values

    Hugh Joicey C of E Aided First School
Vision and Values

Our Vision
Happy, Healthy Learners in a Christian Community

Our Aims
• To encourage children to reach their full potential on their path as life long learners and children of God.
• To become responsible, caring members of the school, the church and the wider community.
• To value parents as the first teachers of their children and to welcome parents as partners in our school community.
• To provide equal opportunities for everybody regardless of individual differences.

Our Ethos
We believe that every pupil is unique in the sight of God.  As a Church of England school we provide a Christian environment for every pupil, including opportunities to worship together and with our local community.
We seek to preserve and develop the school’s Christian ethos in accordance with the teaching and practice of the Church of England.  We believe that the school should serve its community by providing an education of the highest quality in the context of Christian belief.  Within our school we create and promote opportunities for pupils and adults to gather together in collective Acts of Worship.  Through the school we encourage an understanding of the meaning and significance of faith, and we promote Christian values through the experience and environment the school offers to all its pupils.
Our Values
Our values will be reflected in what we do, what we think and what we say. We look for truthfulness and thankfulness in each other. We aim to offer respect, friendship, forgiveness, and compassion. We understand that trust is the basis of relationships with others and with God. Through perseverance and by valuing ourselves, we know that we can achieve our full potential.