Maths across the curriculum

Ford School Card Company
Beech Class recently took on an 'Apprentice' style challenge where they were tasked with starting a card making company. They took on their new roles as managers, production line workers, quality controllers, designers, accountants and maintenance staff brilliantly. They worked extremely hard to produce a variety of nicely designed Christmas cards which they sold at  the play performances.
Their hard work paid off when they raised nearly £70 and were able to buy some exciting new games for their class. They also learned many valuable lessons and used a lot of different skills during this task.
Well done Beech Class. We look forward to your next business project.
'Maths is all around us' day 
The whole school had a fantastic day, learning how to use their maths skills in real life and fun contexts. They completed a variety of different activities including building, baking, playing football and many more. Check out the gallery of pictures to see how much fun everyone had.