Visit Ford
To celebrate everything they have learned this topic Beech class have written persuasive texts and made an advert to persuade people to visit the local area.
Can you spot all the persuasive techniques they have used?
Will you be persuaded?
Watch the video and see!
Local Area Study

Beech Class are designing interactive maps of Ford.

As part of this they learned how to shoot, edit and use digital photographs.

Look at our fantastic gallery to see what amazing photographers they are.

Ford Church
The Year 3s visited the church and have made a video with lots of interesting facts about it. They are sure you will learn something new.
Tudor Shields
Beech Class designed their own Tudor shields, they selected colours and animals carefully to represent themselves and their values.
An Egyptian Adventure
Beech Class were very lucky to go on an exciting adventure to 'Egypt' where they made an amazing discovery! Watch the video to find out more. 
Making Mummies
Beech Class are thoroughly enjoying learning about the Ancient Egyptians. Today, they even got to have a go at mummifying!
Our Egyptian Art Gallery
Beech Class have worked hard recently to create some fantastic pieces of art, that include Egyptian style portraits and Cartouches. They enjoyed studying and comparing famous portrait artists and put the theory into practise when creating their own. Their artwork is on display outside the classroom, be sure to pay this fantastic gallery a visit next time you are in school.
6th March 2017