Our curriculum - Intent, Implementation and Impact - Long term planning


Our curriculum will be:


Our curriculum will include:


We will know our curriculum is successful because:

  • Inclusive

  • Challenging and ambitious

  • Exciting

  • Real and experiential

  • Responsive to pupil voice

  • Values-led

  • Safe to take calculated risks

  • Problem solving

  • Inspiring 

  • Deep thinking

  • Reflective

  • Driven by big questions

  • Memorable

  • A clear progression of skills and knowledge built on prior knowledge

  • Forest school and outdoor learning

  • Real experiences

  • Time for reflection and evaluation of own learning

  • Cross-curricular links where they add depth and value

  • Application of basic skills across all areas of the curriculum

  • Basic skills are embedded

  • There is very good progress across the curriculum

  • Children are confident, expressive and safe when learning outdoors.

  • Pupils enjoy and value learning

  • Pupils know how to use their prior learning and apply it in a wide range of contexts. 

  • Children do more and remember more.

  • Pupils understand themselves, their relationships with others, society and the environment.

  • Children flourish.