The school day

We open at 8.30 a.m and the register closes at 8.45. (32.5 hours)
We prefer children to be here promptly so we can hear children read, give feedback, change reading books and be settled for learning for the rest of the morning. Lateness causes disruption and anxiety.
9.00 - Collective Worship - Monday Singing, Tuesday Clergy, Wednesday First News, Thursday Archbishop/Cheeky Pandas class worship, Friday - Celebration worship.
9.20 - Phonics and Spelling
9.40 - Daily Mile
9.45 - Maths
10.30 - snack and milk, playtime.
11.00 English
12.00 - Lunch
1.00 - PE, swimming, science, geography, history, music, handwriting and dictation, Forest school, sports coach, PSHE, 
3.15 - end of school day. Additional clubs Monday, Thursday and Friday until 4.15
Attached pre-school provides wraparound 3.15-5.00 pm.