• Ms Adele Pearson-Atkinson

    Co-chair of Governors

    Ms Pearson-Atkinson is Headteacher of Hope Wood Academy, a Special School in Peterlee, Durham.
    She is our Governor for Special Needs.

  • Mr Rupert Wailes-Fairbairn

    Vice Chair of Governors PCC Foundation

    Mr Wailes- Fairbairn is the Divisional Director of Lycetts, Rural Insurance.
    Resources Committee, Teaching and Learning Committee

Reverend Charlotte Osborn
Teaching and Learning Committee
RE and Collective Worship
  • Mrs Kathryn Watson

    PCC Foundation Governor

    Mrs Watson is a Freelance Education researcher.
    She was a parent at the school and is an active member of the Church.

  • Mr Keith Gribbin

    Co-chair of Governors PCE Foundation Governor

    Mr Gribbin is a civil servant and his children attended Ford School.

    Resources Committee
    Headteacher Appraisal

  • Mrs Jacqueline Dalrymple

    Head Teacher

    Designated Safeguarding Lead
    Looked After Child Lead
    Mental Health Lead

  • Mr Andrew Joicey

    DBE Foundation Governor

    The Honourable Andrew Joicey is a farmer at New Etal Farm and his children attended the school.
    Resources Committee, Health and Safety, Head Teacher Appraisal

  • Mrs Anne Morning

    Staff Governor - School Finance Officer and Catering Manager
    Resources Committee (Finance)

  • Mrs Margaret Murray

    DBE Foundation Governor

    Mrs Murray is a farmer at Kentstone Farm. Her children attend Ford school and she is also a member of the PTA.
    Teaching and Learning Committee
    Head Teacher Appraisal

  • Mrs Gemma Douglas

    DBE Foundation Governor

    Mrs Douglas is the Project manager of the Glendale Gateway Trust in Wooler.
    Her children attend Ford School and she is also a member of the PTA.

All parties have declared interests, including where they have none. All interests that exist have been recorded on the register.
Currently none of our Governors has any pecuniary interests.