• Carol Douglas

    Chair of Governors

    Carol Douglas

  • Rupert Wailes-Fairbairn

    Vice Chair

    Rupert Wailes-Fairburn

  • Matthew Rawlings

    Matthew Rawlings

  • Mark Cuddigan

    Mark Cuddigan

  • Sally Onions

    Sally Onions

  • Andrew Joicey

    Andrew Joicey

  • Rebecca Simpson

    Rebecca Simpson

  • Jacqueline Dalrymple

    Head Teacher

    Jacqueline Dalrymple

Mr Richard Jeffreys



Governors Newsletter to Parents Autumn 2017

 We would like to welcome you to the first School Governor Newsletter to parents. The Governing Body at Hugh Joicey C of E Aided First School are keen to keep you informed of what is happening in school and provide you with updates on how the school is performing.  It is proposed that we will issue a newsletter three times a year following our termly full Governing Body meetings and in this issue we are including some key information on:


  • The role of the Governing Body & Responsibilities
  • Who are the Governors at Ford
  • Governor Responsibilities
  • School Improvement Plan
  • Governor Visits
  • School Website
  • How to contact a Governor


The role of the Governing Body


As Governors, we are responsible for a number of areas including attainment, finance, policies and procedures. Our core purpose is:


1. Ensuring clarity of vision, ethos and strategic direction;

2. Holding the head teacher to account for the educational performance of the school and its     pupils, and the performance management of staff; and

3. Overseeing the financial performance of the school and making sure its money is well spent.


Our role involves working closely with the Head teacher and Middle Leadership Team to ensure children get the best possible education to enable them to reach their full potential, in an environment where they feel safe, valued and learning is fun. Our main functions are to:


  • Help set the aims and objectives for the school
  • Help to ensure our policies and procedures are relevant and achieve their objectives
  • Set targets to monitor the progress of the school to ensure it is meeting its aims and objectives
  • Be a critical friend to the school and provide a source of challenge and support.



The Governing Body makes a major contribution to the leadership of the school and its successes with a clear focus on raising standards and improving the quality of provision.  It is fully involved in the strategic planning and formulates policies and supports the staff in implementing them.  Specifically a governing body:


  • Makes decisions collectively as a team and works closely with the Head Teacher.
  • Is legally required to meet at least once a term.
  • Will have a committee structure enabling issues to be discussed in detail before recommendations are put to the full governing body, some matters will also be delegated to a committee.


Who are the Governors?


We have 12 governors and as a Voluntary Aided school our foundation governors must be in the majority. Our structure comprises of:


Head teacher by virtue of post, 1 Staff Governor , 2 Parent Governors, 1 Local Education Authority (LEA) representative, 1  Ex-Officio (Vicar) and 6 Foundation Governors, 3 are appointed by the Parochial Church Council  and 3 are appointed by the Newcastle Diocesan Education Board.


Our Governors are:-


Name of Governor

Type of Governor

Mrs Jacqueline Dalrymple

Head teacher

Mrs Carol Douglas (Chair of Governing Body)

Foundation Governor appointed by PCC

Mr Rupert Wailes- Fairbairn (Vice-chair)

Foundation Governor appointed by PCC

Mr Matthew Rawlings

Foundation Governor appointed by PCC

Rev V Dickinson

Ex- Officio

Mr Andrew Joicey

Foundation Governor appointed by NDEB

Mr Richard Jeffreys

Foundation Governor appointed by NDEB

Mrs Rebecca Simpson  (proposed appointment)

Foundation Governor appointed by NDEB

Mr Mark Cuddigan

Local Education Authority Governor

Mrs Anne Morning

Staff Governor

Mrs Sally Onions

Parent Governor

Vacancy x1

Parent Governor

Parents, including carers of pupils at the school are eligible to stand for election as governors.  Parent governors are elected by other parents at the school.  If insufficient parents stand for election, the governing body may appoint parents.  (We have one vacancy, if you are interested please contact either the Chair or the Head Teacher, your school needs you !!)



Governor Responsibilities


Although Mrs Dalrymple, as the Head Teacher, is responsible for the day to day management of the school, she will be implementing some of the policies made by the Governing body.  It’s the responsibility of the governing body to:


  • Agree the aims and values of the school
  • Draw up and review the School Development Plan
  • Make and review school policies
  • Set and monitor the school budget
  • Appoint Staff
  • Ensure the National Curriculum is taught
  • Ensure the needs of the individual pupils are met, including special needs
  • Prepare and present the Annual Report to Parents
  • Establish and maintain positive links with the local community
  • Have a published strategy for dealing with parental complaints
  • Ensure Health & Safety issues are addressed






Governing Bodies DO NOT:


  • Inspect the school
  • After visiting the school, report back on the quality of teaching
  • Authorise all expenditure
  • Share concerns about staff capability
  • Decide on how pupils are taught different subjects
  • Have the right to exclude a pupil
  • Write school policies on their own
  • ‘Rubber Stamp’ recommendations from the Head Teacher


The Governors meet in full session once per term. This full meeting is largely driven by legal requirements on school Governors and any current school development priorities.  The meeting usually assigns further work to sub-committees. We are in the process of re-structuring our sub-committees and the terms of reference for each, as part of our review of Governance. This was a recommendation following our Ofsted inspection in November 2016, and will be able to share those with you in the next issue. Following the Ofsted inspection, a Monitoring & Evaluation Ofsted Steering Committee was formed to specifically focus on the recommendations of the report.


School Improvement Plan


All schools are required to produce a plan each year.  The Head Teacher, Staff and Governors discuss areas for development and targets and priorities are agreed.  The plan is monitored throughout the year and contributions are given by our School Improvement Partner (SIP), provided by the Local Education Authority.


Governor Visits


Each term, Governors will focus on a specific aspect of school and conduct a visit.
The most recent visit was by Carol Douglas, Rebecca Simpson and Rupert Wailes-Fairbairn, who observed the differentiated ‘Clic Maths’ groups at work and followed up on work presentation scrutiny in children books; seeing first-hand how this has been addressed and the impact and improved outcomes those interventions and guidelines have had to date.


School Website

The website is an important part of the school you will find a plethora of information about the school on the website and more information about the Governors and how many meetings they have attending over the last 12 months.  Please take time visit the site from time to time, you will find it at


How to contact a Governor


There is a Governor photo gallery in the main entrance at school, so you can see who we are, and ask us face to face.  Mrs Dalrymple should always be your first point of contact , however if you have any questions you specifically what to ask Governors, you can email us at, and mark it for the attention of The Governing Body, alternatively you can send mail to : The Governing Body, Hugh Joicey C of E First School, Ford, Berwick upon Tweed. TD15 2QA,


We look forward to hearing from you!

Carol Douglas, Chair of Governors